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12-month manufacturer’s warranty offered to the original owner from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects on all structural aspects of the tiny home. This warranty is limited to repairing or replacing any part or parts which, in the opinion of Contemporary Tiny Homes, shall be proved defective in materials or workmanship under normal use and service.  This warranty does not cover any part or parts that have been damaged as a result of an accident, misuse, abuse or which have been modified, altered, or repaired by other than Contemporary Tiny Homes. This warranty does not apply if the trailer has been subjected to loads in excess of its rated capacity. All the appliances and fixtures are warranted by their respective manufacturers and documentation for these are included with your owner’s manual. Electrical and plumbing works have been completed by licenced professionals and compliance certificates have been issued and are also included in your owner’s manual.

Of course, our tiny houses are built to last much longer than this, and we expect them to last well and age beautifully over time and to be worth refurbishing for generations to come.

Warranty conditions:

  1. The tiny home must be installed and packed to level on a hard surface within 30 days of delivery to your site.

  2. The tiny home should be checked for level at regular intervals and records kept of checks and any adjustments made.

  3. Warranty only applies if a suitable vehicle is used for the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) for towing the tiny home.

  4. The warranty only applies if the tiny home is used for its designed and intended use.

  5. The tiny home is not designed to go off road.

  6. The warranty does not apply if the tiny home is in an accident.

  7. The warranty does not include wear and tear of flooring, bench tops, fixtures or any component.

  8. The warranty does not include modifications made by anyone other than Contemporary Tiny Homes.

  9. The warranty does not include stone chips to the underside or externals of the tiny home.

  10. The warranty does not include any consequential damage caused by usage after a fault has been recognised.

  11. All external surfaces (roofing and walls) should be washed down and maintained – this must be on a regular basis if parked/stored or located/parked near coastal or heavy industry or under trees etc.

  12. If your tiny home has external timber, this must be oiled/painted /sealed at regular intervals for proper maintenance. This may be as often as annually to maintain appearance.

  13. If your tiny home is stored or used infrequently, you must open or ventilate the home at regular intervals.

  14. Contemporary Tiny Homes provides a disposal point for grey and black water. It is the owner’s responsibility to connect the right sized pipe work and fittings to redirect away from the tiny home.

  15. When towing the tiny home consideration must be made of the weight distribution. 10% of the total weight must be at the tow ball end. Instructions towing are affixed inside the kitchen cupboard.


To make a claim under this warranty:

  1. You must be the original purchaser of the tiny home.

  2. You must notify Contemporary Tiny Homes within the warranty period of any proposed defect and provide Contemporary Tiny Homes with any substantiation that Contemporary Tiny Homes may reasonably request.

  3. The tiny home must have been used and maintained in accordance with the recommendations of Contemporary Tiny homes included with your owner’s manual.

  4. All warranty claims should be addressed to Contemporary Tiny Homes -

  5. Once the warranty has expired, Contemporary Tiny Homes will still be available for assistance with workmanship and manufacturer issues that may arise. Cost for out of warranty repairs will be determined based on the location of the tiny home and the assessment for repairs.

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